About Us

R. Shriver Associates was founded in 1966 with the objective of solving complex management problems through the application of modern information technology. RSA assists its clients in defining the information needs, and implementing a cost effective approach that will improve management’s ability to plan and control their operations.

RSA draws from a broad range of professionals with expertise in operations, finance, engineering, business administration, accounting, quantitative analysis, public policy, analysis, economics, and data processing. These specialties are led by a team of experienced project managers who appreciate the importance of meeting our commitments to clients to provide a high quality product, on time and within budget.

RSA is uniquely positioned in the management services industry. We have the capabilities and experience to correctly define a client’s problem and to develop the optimal approach for its solution. Equally important is our capability to assist the client to implement the solution. In this way, the improved company performance desired is virtually guaranteed.

The basic concept of assuming implementation responsibility forces RSA to retain a realistic perspective in working with the client.  It also demands that we develop strong working relationships with all levels of management.  This team effort – RSA specialists working with client personnel – is viewed as a critical element for successfully achieving long term results.