Consulting to Non-Profits

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RSA pioneered in the application of computers and mathematics ’s to strategic business planning in 1966. In the past two years, RSA developed proprietary know-how for combining the income from endowments with operating expenses in a way that enables non-profit leadership to compare the results of different decisions and assumptions with regard to income from all sources, and key categories of costs, extending out several years into the future. Importantly, we assist non-profits with long range financial projections to support today’s decisions.

Knowing the impact, or sensitivity, of the organization’s financial future on any number of possible combinations of future events can be extremely helpful when communicating ideas and plans to a board of directors.

For schools and colleges, integrating such measures as endowment income and investment performance with tuition, financial assistance, student enrollment, financial assistance, and key cost items including faculty, administrative staff, and athletics, among other considerations.

For schools, colleges and churches, RSA also offers assessment and improvement of accounting systems.

Based upon assessments of existing accounting systems, and the needs of management for better information or tighter controls, we identify essential changes in the organization’s chart of accounts. We also redesign such systems to be in conformance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), and assist existing staff in converting to the new and improved systems. Many organizations cannot reconcile their accounting systems to current bank balances (a “roll-down”); as such controls are important to many organizations, we assist with such modifications.

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